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Kristine & Christopher

It was a real challenge for us to find a photographer who would be able to fulfill our demands concerning our wedding photos. When we visited Nikos’ site, we realized he was the ideal photographer to capture the most important moment of our life. The combination of the beautiful light of Santorini, in Greece, with Nikos’ natural talent resulted in a compilation of beautiful photos. Nikos made a professional and demanding photshoot seem so easy and we just had a lovely day with him. We will never forget the experience and we will definitely recommend him to our friends. Our photos look like pieces of art, and like pieces of art, our wedding photos are invaluable.


Gus & Anastasia

We both love Greece and especially Santorini. Santorini is our dream place and we visit it every year. It was unquestionable the fact that our wedding would take place in Santorini.. Nikos captured in his photos the beautiful sunlight of Santorini and Santorini’s rough beauty. Our wedding photos seem like they have come out of a fashion magazine. They are just unbelievable. Since the wedding Nikos has become a dear friend and each year we return to the island to have portraits taken. Without fail, Nikos’ images amaze and inspire. Thank you Nikos, for your affable nature, your easy-going presence, and, of course, for you unbelievable, iconic photography. Through your pictures, our most special day will continue to live on!!


Vicky & Varshaa

When searching for a wedding photographer for myself, I was sure of the fact that I wanted a unique, creative and someone with an artistic eye behind the camera. While searching online, I came across Nikos, and fell in love with his pictures. I was certain that I wasn’t going to get someone of his caliber to come to India to do our shoot, but after communicating with him just once, he was so enthusiastic about coming over! Little did I know that a few months later, I’ll be picking up an award winning photographer (he has won the 1st place in an international contest http://www.wpja.com/contests/25-2007-q4/18-reflections/1st.html) from the airport a few days ahead of our wedding. So without hesitation and after continuous contacts via email and via Skype, he came to India to do our photo shoots. Nikos agreed to do our pre-wedding shoot as well as wedding pictures, and above all, he remained so humble and easy going throughout our 4-day wedding! Not only did I find a great photographer, I met a wonderful person, and made a great friend!

Top notch work, and a fabulous guy!


Lidia & Ashy

We have been living in London for the past few years; nevertheless, we decided to get married in the beautiful synagogue of Thessaloniki, the town in which Lidia was born. We had been looking for a wedding photographer who would do both photo shooting in Thessaloniki and in London. We made a research and many people recommended Nikos. At first we thought it may be difficult to communicate while being in distance with him, but, as soon as we met Nikos, we realized that nothing is impossible! Nikos’ professionalism and passion for excellence to produce outstanding photography, together with his flexibility and easy-going personality made us feel we are in the best hands. The photo shootings in London and in Thessaloniki were contrasting but, at the same time, engaging with lots of character and authenticity. In each case his pictures sit harmoniously together both in terms of style and artistry and their content evokes an emotional response from the viewer. Working partially in distance with Nikos has also been a great experience: his relaxed approach accompanied by his perfectionism were the best recipe for a great photo album. We definitely recommend Nikos as a great wedding photographer. He is a truly gifted artist!

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Analu and Sjaak

“Nikos is superb! He made our memories be eternally live. His work is outstanding and I am a big fan. We knew from the minute we saw his portfolio that he’d be the one to shoot our wedding. Our wedding was in Brasil with people from all over the world and Nikos was the cherry on top. We were astonished to see, that although he lived in Greece, he had photoshot weddings all over the world He makes sure you feel extremely comfortable with him shooting around and I barely noticed his camera along the night, only his smile and nice talk. He captured the essence of our guests and of ourselves. You can read the feelings and the emotions through the photos. They were impressive, spectacular and elegant. We never thought that it would be so easy for someone, to understand exactly what we wanted, just communicating via email Not to forget that he’s such a nice person, a friend to last. If only we could get married to each other over and over he’d be there for all the celebrations!

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Remus & Ellie

We are a newly married couple from Hong Kong and we had our wedding in Santorini in 2014 May. The stunning sunset drove us to have our wedding in Santorini. It is truly beautiful! We would like to specially thank our photographer, Nikos. Our very special & important moment in our life, wouldn’t have been perfectly captured without him. Nikos is so amazing! Actually we saw his masterpiece in a wedding planner’s office in Hong Kong! His photo (an award winning one – http://www.wpja.com/contests/25-2007-q4/18-reflections/1st.html) caught our eyes right away. I asked the company regarding the photographer at once. No wonder, we immediately decided to find this amazing & talented guy for our wedding photo, so we started to find him online. Nikos defiantly is a talented, gifted photographer with his own style, very artistic. One thing we liked the most – He is professional but not commercial!! He takes photos with passion! Nevertheless, he is also very experienced which made us feel secure. We had a lovely and joyful day with him! Words are not enough to describe the result of our photoshoot! When we received the photos from Nikos, only one word came up in my mind – Unbelievable Nikos does not only take great photos! His stunning and fine retouch, made our photos look so unique! If you want to have good photo for your special day, I’m sure Nikos won’t let you down! We wish all the best to Nikos and thanks again for your photo! Keep in touch! : )

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Shruti & Rahul

Vicky and Varshaa (Vicky is Shruti’s cousin-link testimonial Vicky and Varsha) got married a year before us. We had met Nikos at their wedding reception and we were impressed by the fact that he mingled with the guests and he took photos, while nobody was watching. Afterwards, we saw Vicky’s and Varshaa’s beautiful and inspirational wedding photos and we were thrilled. Among others, we loved that in Nikos’ photos, couples are not posed. He captured the couple being natural, while having a moment. We wanted exactly the same for our wedding photos as well. Nikos is truly a dedicated photographer and was available at all times without resting at all. We truly appreciate his hard and good work. He is a talented, inspiring photographer, who is also inspired by the location. Besides, this is what makes a destination photographer successful. Words are not enough to express our gratitude because his amazing photos were the best wedding gift we could ever get. Thank you Nikos for making our wedding and photo shoots so beautiful and memorable!


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Laura & Simon

Nikos was our photographer for our wedding, and we could not be happier with his photography. We were looking for a photographer who would be passionate and creative. Our photos came out beautifully: they were honest, they captured emotion, and were spontaneous but thoughtful.  A lovely representation of candid moments. Nikos allowed the beauty of the wedding to speak for itself, which was exactly what we wanted. While working, Nikos has a combination of professionalism, warmth, and sociability that made his entire interaction with our day seamless. We were stressed since we live in London and the wedding would take place in Santorini, but his constant contact via email and Skype, reassured us! He’s also just a cool guy and a great guest as well. Highly recommended, on all accounts!!


Chrysanthi and Panos

We were referred to Nikos by friends who were so delighted with their wedding photos, and although we researched many top wedding photographers Nikos’ work and personality totally impressed us. As I scrolled through his wedding portfolio I was amazed at the creativity and beauty each picture projected. His photos were alive with emotion. He is passionate about his work and his passion passes through his camera lens and is captured in his photos. For all these reasons we chose Nikos to capture our special day. Planning an international wedding is a stressful process but I never once felt nervous with Nikos and his talent, and in fact Nikos captured beautifully every second of our wedding and wedding reception. I still remember so clearly the day I received my wedding album in the mail; I was left breathless. Each picture brought forth so many emotions and memories. I am so grateful to Nikos for capturing our special day and creating such beautiful memories for my family.

It was only natural that when it was time for us to baptize our son in Greece that we chose Nikos to capture the event, and once again he took our breath away. I cannot wait for Nikos to capture our daughter’s baptism next! Thank you Nikos for creating such beautiful memories for our family. You are a true artist!